Random number generator

How to Use the Random Number Generator?

To utilize our random number generator, follow these steps:

  • Determine Range and Quantity of Numbers

    Choose the range of numbers and specify how many numbers you want to generate.

  • Select Uniqueness Option

    If you want the generated numbers to be unique and non-repetitive, select the 'no duplicates' option.

  • Get the Result

    Once you have set your preferences, simply click the 'Generate' button to obtain the result of the draw.

  • Ready! Utilize the Generated Numbers

    After obtaining the draw result, you can easily copy the generated numbers by clicking the button located in the top right corner of the result window. Now you have access to the numbers drawn according to your preferences.

What Are Random Numbers?

Random numbers are numbers that lack any pattern or order and are unpredictable. They are used in various fields such as gaming, cryptography, statistics, and computer simulations. However, generating random numbers by a computer is not as simple as it seems. A computer is a logical and deterministic machine that executes specific instructions and yields specific results. It cannot create something entirely random on its own.

Application of Pseudorandom Number Generator

Therefore, at Generujemy.pl, we use a pseudorandom number generator. Pseudorandom numbers are created by special mathematical algorithms that utilize a certain initial value (called a seed) and transform it into a sequence of numbers that appear random. However, these numbers are not truly random because if we know the seed and algorithm, we can predict the subsequent numbers in the sequence or reproduce the entire sequence from the beginning. Nevertheless, pseudorandom numbers suffice for most applications that do not require a high level of security or precision.

You don't need to worry about the quality or reliability of our random numbers - they are generated by proven and efficient mathematical algorithms.

Generating a Random Sequence of Numbers in PHP

// Used variables:
$quantity = 10; // Number of numbers to generate
$min = 1; // Starting number
$max = 100; // Ending number
$result = "";
// Loop to create a list of result numbers separated by commas 
for ($i = 1; $i <= $quantity; $i++) {
  // Generate individual numbers
  $randomNumber = mt_rand($min, $max);
  // Add the generated number to the result string
  $result .= $randomNumber;
  // Add a comma if it's not the last number
  if ($i < $quantity) {
    $result .= ", ";
// Display the generated string of numbers
echo $result;