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To use our generator, you need to provide some parameters: range (from and to), quantity and uniqueness option (whether they can repeat or not). Then click the “Generate” button and see the result.

Random numbers are numbers that have no pattern or order and are unpredictable. They are used in many fields, such as games, cryptography, statistics or computer simulations. However, generating random numbers by computer is not as easy as it seems. A computer is a logical and deterministic machine that executes specific instructions and returns specific results. It cannot create something completely random on its own.

That’s why we use a pseudorandom number generator at Generujemy.pl. Pseudorandom numbers are created by special mathematical algorithms that use a certain initial value (called a seed) and transform it into a sequence of numbers that look random. However, these numbers are not really random, because if we know the seed and the algorithm, we can predict the next numbers in the sequence or reproduce the entire sequence from the beginning. Nevertheless, pseudorandom numbers are sufficient for most applications that do not require a high level of security or accuracy.

You don’t have to worry about the quality or reliability of our random numbers - they are generated by proven and efficient mathematical algorithms.